Refund Policy

Webpage reserves payback policy, which follows definite rules.

Subscription cancellation or/and payment refund are allowed till the issue of legal receipt. After legal receipt is issued, any request for subscription cancellation or payment refund will not be accepted.

In subscription cancellation procedure, you have to send e-mail to e-mail address, enclosing your IBAN of bank account. Cardlink Integration system (debit/credit/prepaid cards, driven by Eurobank Ergasias SA bank institution) is not available for payback policy.

Webpage reserves the right of sharing personal information through e-mails only as far as bank transactions for refund or subscription cancellation requests are concerned. The previous piece of information may be sent only on behalf of Eurobank Ergasias SA or Cardlink technicians.

Please read more on the Terms of Use of the webpage/application.